As Nicole Sennett reflects on her career and the excellent client relationships she built at Sennett & Associates, she is genuinely grateful. Those relationships, like family, are of utmost importance to her. Now, to best meet the needs of her family, she has aligned Sennett & Associates with the Raymond James team of Monocacy Wealth Partners. 

Why the change? As you may know, Nicole’s son AJ was born prematurely several years ago. While his health has improved dramatically since birth, he still requires continued therapies. Nicole believes she cannot give both her practice and her son her full commitment. 

Who will serve as your financial team? At Monocacy Wealth Partners, we’re pleased to serve Sennett & Associates clients. Based in Bethlehem, Pa., we have enjoyed a strong business relationship with Nicole, and we share an investment philosophy. Scott A. Brantingson has been in the business for over 30 years. He serves as a managing partner with his son, Scott M. Brantingson, bringing together their innovative perspectives, along with utmost integrity. We invite you to get to know the Monocacy Wealth Team.